November 2021 Project Update

RAMP Upgrade

We have completed the RAMP 10.0 upgrade this past week and have added a page to our RAMP website. RAMP Upgrade Information has all of the pertinent information for the users. If you would like to have more information or receive one-on-one training, please contact us at We will be updating the How-to Guides on the website and in the Help Center in the next week.

Tip of the Month

RAMP has a new search feature that allows you to search the module you are working in by certain attributes. Wherever you see this “Search” field displayed on the page, you can type in an attribute such as a PI’s last name and the system will return a list of all the items with that PI’s last name. Remember, it will only give you access to the information you have been given permission to view or edit.

To learn more about the new search feature please contact the Help Desk or visit the RAMP website and click on the “Upgrade Information” page.


Did you attend training last year and would like a quick refresher? Are you new to using RAMP? Training is available upon request via Zoom. Just email RAMP support at RAMP-Grants@fsu.eduWe are dedicated to supporting your efforts to learn and use this robust new system! Individuals or teams are welcome.

RAMP Guidance and training materials are available at RAMP, then proceed to the appropriate module. In addition to the materials noted on the training page and within RAMP, Virtual “Office Hours” are available upon request. The training team will be available for direct software assistance using Zoom screen-share functionality so you can work on any issues you may have encountered creating your proposals. For assistance, please email

RAMP Activities

RAMP Grants has now passed 2,400 Funding Proposals.

RAMP Website: Visit RAMP for updated Known Issues, FAQ’s and features, such as the Quick Reference tab and the Hot-Topics tab that provides several new RAMP information guides. We are in the process of adding a new section called New to RAMP, which will be a step-by-step guide for those that are new to RAMP or FSU.

Sponsored Guest Access

Sponsored Guest Access is available in RAMP. Please visit Sponsored-guest for information if there is a need for someone outside FSU to have limited access to RAMP.

For questions regarding Export Controls, please contact:
Diana Key, Director of Research Compliance and RAMP Export Control functional lead, at

All other questions regarding RAMP Support should be directed to:
Dan Mullins, RAMP Support Director, at
Kerry Peluso, Associate Vice President for Research Administration & Finance, at