June 2020 Project Update

RAMP Grants is almost finalized and is scheduled to go-live on July 1, 2020. We are excited to launch the fourth module within RAMP as we continue to establish a comprehensive and integrated research system. As a reminder, RAMP Grants provides electronic grants management and system-to-system proposal submission capability that interfaces with The Grants module will integrate with the Agreements and IRB modules, as well as OMNI. More detailed information can be accessed by viewing the significant changes webpage.

May 2020 Project Update

Training is well underway, and we encourage all individuals involved with research administration to take advantage of the various courses offered in order to be prepared to use the new system.  The training schedule and registration links are posted on the RAMP project website and can be accessed by clicking here.  How-to guides have been published on the training page and more training resources will be posted soon.  Stay tuned as Frequently Asked Questions for the Grants module also will be added to the project website.

April 2020 Project Update

RAMP Grants remains on track for our scheduled go-live date of July 1, 2020.  The project team is reviewing the testing feedback logged by attendees from central offices, researchers, administrators and college leadership to design training materials.  The training curriculum will include how to guides, user manuals, quick reference sheets and videos, as well as recorded online training sessions.

March 2020 Project Update

The RAMP Grants team has continued to share important information about the system in faculty meetings while also addressing questions and concerns.  Development of training materials is currently underway as the team prepares to offer various training methods and guides to prepare and assist the research community in using our new proposal and award system. RAMP Grants remains on course to go-live on July 1, 2020.

February 2020 Project Update

RAMP Grants remains on course to go-live on July 1, 2020. We are grateful to many individuals throughout the colleges and departments for working with us to establish workflow decisions for each department last month. This information will be entered into the system in preparation for our testing sessions, which will begin next month.

January 2020 Project Update

The preparation for the implementation of the RAMP Grants module continues and it remains on schedule to be launched on July 1, 2020.  Last month, we met with project champions from various colleges and departments to review system functionality and discuss workflow considerations.  Communication with leadership in colleges, institutes and centers will occur this month as decisions will need to be made by the end of January regarding the specific individuals that will be required to conduct proposal reviews for each department.

December 2019 Project Update

RAMP Agreements recently launched and as of December 2, departments are required to use the new system to submit non-financial research agreements and outgoing subawards.  The project team is ready to support researchers and administrators during this transition.

November 2019 Project Update

The RAMP Agreements module has launched! Researchers and administrators are encouraged to begin utilizing RAMP Agreements to take advantage of the electronic submission and review process for non-financial research agreements and outgoing subawards.  This module provides significant benefits, including but not limited to, transparency about the status of agreements, a central location for researchers to access agreements, reporting metrics, and the ability to link agreements to sponsored awards (once RAMP Grants is live in July 2020).

October 2019 Project Update

We are preparing to launch the third RAMP module and greatly appreciate the time of researchers, administrators and project champions that participated in the RAMP Agreements testing sessions last month – we had roughly 60 attendees! As a reminder, RAMP Agreements allows for the electronic routing, review and approval of non-financial research agreements and subcontracts. RAMP Agreements will be available during the week of November 12 and at that time users can utilize the system to route their applicable agreements. Beginning December 2, it will be required for all applicable agreements to be requested/entered through RAMP Agreements.

September 2019 Project Update

The Agreements module development is almost complete and we have established an estimated go-live date of October 28. This module will result in an electronic process for the initiation, routing and review of non-financial research agreements and subcontracts. Once RAMP Grants is launched next year, we will have the ability to link agreements with new awards generated within the Grants module.