November 2021 Project Update

RAMP Upgrade We have completed the RAMP 10.0 upgrade this past week and have added a page to our RAMP website. RAMP Upgrade Information has all of the pertinent information for the users. If you would like to have more information or receive one-on-one training, please contact us at We will be updating the How-to Guides on the website and in the Help Center in the next week.

October 2021 Project Update

Reminder The RAMP Grants support email,, is the quickest way to reach the RAMP Support Team with any questions or concerns. Please continue to provide us with your feedback as we work to improve the training options. Please remember that RAMP notifications are sent to the official email address of record identified in OMNI so be sure to update any information/preferences in the myFSU Portal.

September 2021 Project Update

New format for our Newsletter! In this and future issues of the RAMP newsletter, you’ll see new tips, tools, and reminders you can use to navigate FSU’s research management system. In addition, we’re also archiving past issues and information — you can access it anytime in the Announcements section on the RAMP webpage.