September 2021 Project Update

New format for our Newsletter!

In this and future issues of the RAMP newsletter, you’ll see new tips, tools, and reminders you can use to navigate FSU’s research management system. In addition, we’re also archiving past issues and information — you can access it anytime in the Announcements section on the RAMP webpage.


The RAMP Grants support email,, is the quickest way to reach the RAMP Support Team with any questions or concerns. Please continue to provide us with your feedback as we work to improve the training options.

Please remember that RAMP notifications are sent to the official email address of record identified in OMNI, so be sure to update any information/preferences in the myFSU Portal.

Tip of the Month

To locate the unfavorable terms associated with a sponsored award, open the award workspace and click the “Related Projects” tab. The unfavorable term agreement will be listed here. Just click the ID or the Name link to navigate to the unfavorable terms’ workspace.


Are you new to using RAMP? Did you attend training last year and would like a quick refresher? Training is available upon request via Zoom. Just email RAMP support at RAMP-Grants@fsu.eduWe are dedicated to supporting your efforts to learn and use this robust new system! Individuals or teams are welcome.

RAMP Guidance and training materials are available at RAMP, then proceed to the appropriate module. In addition to the materials noted on the training page and within RAMP, Virtual “Office Hours” are available upon request. The training team will be available for direct software assistance using Zoom screen-share functionality so you can work on any issues you may have encountered creating your proposals. For assistance, please email

RAMP Grants

Congratulations, over 2150 Funding Proposals have been created!

The Grants module offers system-to-system proposal submission capability that connects with, and it integrates with the RAMP Agreements and RAMP IRB modules and OMNI.

Regarding NSF Proposals: Although the RAMP-Grants SF424 proposal process supports system-to-system (S2S) submissions via the portal, the technical limitation between RAMP-Grants SF-424 S2S submissions for NSF proposals continues to have significant challenges for many NSF proposals.  The vendor for RAMP (Huron) is not planning to modify the system to meet the needs of Fastlane since Fastlane is expected to be deactivated in 2022, with NSF formally transitioning fully to  Therefore, NSF proposals may be submitted via FASTLANE or versus RAMP-Grants SF-424 S2S, effective immediately, by selecting “No” to the system-to-system question within the funding proposal workspace.  The NSF proposal may then be submitted external to RAMP-Grants SF-424 S2S via FASTLANE or You will still be required to complete the Funding Proposal & Budgets within RAMP-Grants following the same procedures for proposal review and approval.

To view the list of proposals documents that cannot be submitted via RAMP, please visit (click on “Unsupported Documents” in the right-hand navigational menu). Training materials, educational videos, and How-to Guides to assist with the RAMP proposal process are also available on that page. If you have any questions, please check with your SRA Grants Officer to determine whether the solicitation is supported in advance via email to

RAMP Activities

RAMP Website: Visit RAMP for updated Known Issues, FAQ’s and features, such as the Quick Reference tab and the Hot-Topics tab that provides several new RAMP information guides. We are in the process of adding a new section called New to RAMP, which will be a step-by-step guide for those that are new to RAMP or FSU.

RAMP System Upgrade: Since mid-summer 2021, the RAMP team has been working on upgrading to the newest Huron Suite Platform that will bring some new features for users and the administrative support teams. Information updates will be posted on the RAMP website as well as included in the monthly Research Newsletter. Currently, we are scheduled to make the integration later this fall. More information about anticipated changes and guidance regarding any changes will be provided in the upcoming weeks before the upgrade.   

Sponsored Guest Access

Sponsored Guest Access is available in RAMP. Occasionally, there is the need for someone outside FSU to have limited access to RAMP. This occurs most often when FSU acts as a single IRB (but could occur in other cases). Rather than going through the longer onboarding process that is required and appropriate for individuals who will have an ongoing relationship with FSU, individuals can be provided with limited access to the system. For more information, please visit the RAMP Sponsored Guest website.

For questions regarding Export Controls, please contact:
Diana Key, Director of Research Compliance and RAMP Export Control functional lead, at

All other questions regarding RAMP Support should be directed to:
Dan Mullins, RAMP Support Director, at
Kerry Peluso, Associate Vice President for Research Administration & Finance, at