Grants Module

RAMP Help Desk

If you need immediate assistance or would like to schedule one-on-one virtual assistance with a RAMP Grants module expert, send an email to

Grants Email Notifications

RAMP Grants email notifications are sent to your official email address as identified in your OMNI HR Profile. If you are not receiving any notifications, please make sure your OMNI HR Profile is current.

About Grants

RAMP Grants offers system-to-system proposal submission capability for proposal submission to most Federal agencies. It provides for electronic routing for internal review, notifications, and error checking, ensuring transparency from start to finish. It integrates with RAMP Agreements and RAMP IRB modules, as well as OMNI.

Help Center

Contained within the Grants module is a Help Center tab which includes how-to guides for various activities available in Grants, along with training video recordings from the multiple training sessions held prior to the implementation of RAMP Grants.

Grant IDs

Grants Workspaces ID Prefix
Funding Proposal FP
Funding Proposal Budgets, including copied budgets, cost share budgets, and subaward budgets BU
SF-424 Federal Grant Application SF-424
Funding Award/Migrated Funding Proposal 00000
Grants Subaward SUB
  ID Suffix
Funding Award Modification MOD00#

Additional Resources

Select Grants on the RAMP FAQS tab.



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