Grants Training

RAMP Grants is now live!   A variety of training resources are available, such as how-to guides, user manuals, quick reference sheets and videos, as well as online training sessions. We are offering Office Hours, via Zoom, where assistance and training can be provided on any aspect for those wanting additional help.

Please contact if you want to schedule a training session, have any questions or want to share your concerns.

 How-To Guides  Online Training Course Materials

Previous training sessions included:

  • Six sessions on Proposal and SF424
  • Six sessions on Budget Entry & Cost Share
  • Three sessions on Collaboration Proposal & SF424 Submissions
  • Eight sessions on Award Review & Completion
  • Four sessions on Department Approvers
  • Four sessions on Award Modifications
  • Eight Office Hours sessions

Last Updated: Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 3:07 PM