Known Issues

Reported Issue Issue Fixed Issue Work-Around
Health Insurance Costs   A step by step how-to guide has been added to the Help Center in RAMP Grants. RAMP Grants Fringe Instructions. This report is pulled from OMNI
Need the ability to globally assign users NOTE: Global assignment of users will be a feature of 10.0 upgrade in July A report can be created to show awards within the department and manually go to those awards and assign users to the guest list using the Manage Guest List activity. Note that users who will be able to run this activity are the assigned award approver, assigned specialist, or they would have to be listed as editors for the award. 

Want to filter by Project ID   The team has created a crosswalk report. In the Grants tab select the Reports tab then select Custom Reports tab. There you will see the Crosswalk of Project ID's and Award ID's
Create Renewal only available to PI and Specialist   PI creates renewal enters info on first page and updates the editors, if necessary.
Modifications to compliance information does not update the Parent award. A fix for this issue is anticipated with Grants 10.0 upgrade in July Check each modification to determine whether a compliance issue has already been updated.

Funding Opportunity Announcement smartform page has the following error message: "Some of the required forms are not supported. Submission would not occur electronically;" however, all the forms listed indicate "yes" in the Supported column.   If clicking the "Refresh Form Support" button does not resolve the issue, contact the Grants Officer to confirm the proposal cannot be submitted system-to-system before proceeding.

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 4:31 PM