RAMP 10.0 Upgrade Highlights

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What is new across all RAMP modules?

  • Pinning Recently Viewed Items to your Dashboard: (NEW)*

    • The “Recent” tab list captures the last several items you viewed. Scroll through this list to find an item you worked on recently and click the pin icon.
    • The pinned item will be saved under the “Pinned” tab for quick and easy access until you click the pin icon again to unpin it.
  • Personalize Table: You can alter the tables displayed in any module where the gear icon is displayed.(NEW)*

    Example of delivered view of RAMP Grants Funding Proposal:

    By clicking the up or down arrows, you are able to rearrange the order of the columns or click a checkbox to hide a column that you do not need to see.

    For example, if your view is that of a submitting department, then maybe having the “Submitting Department” column is just taking up space on the page. By unchecking the “Submitting Department” checkbox, this column is hidden from the display. Maybe the “Application Deadline” and the “PI” name are more important to you, so you move them in the display by checking the appropriate box.

    Example of a Personalized Table where the “Submitting Department” has been hidden, the “Application Deadline”, and the “PI” name has been moved in the display.

  • Search Your Module (NEW)*

    To help you work more efficiently, you can use the search feature to locate a wide range of information within each module. You can search for project data, documents, or content from specific pages on your site. The search results appear in a secondary window and display only those items you have permission to view. Results are ranked to show items where the search term is most prevalent at the top.

    After your initial search, you can further refine results using the following filter options:

    • Projects — Projects are the day-to-day items you use to manage your research within a RAMP module. They include items such as funding proposals, studies, protocols, agreements, and disclosures. You can search for any project in a RAMP module using properties on the project, including its name, ID, and description. Depending on the module, other properties are also available to search. When you select the Projects filter, the system will only display results that match search criteria in your project data.
    • Documents — Documents are third-party files uploaded to a RAMP module outside the context of a project. When you select the Documents filter, the system will only display results that match search criteria from documents. The search includes metadata on a document, such as its name and description. It also includes the contents of a document. From the results, you can click directly on the provided link to open a document.
    • Pages — Pages organize information on your site into a hierarchy that you can use to view and manage your work. The Pages filter provides a way for you to search one type of page within a RAMP module - content pages. Content pages are presented outside the context of a project. They supply supporting information for a RAMP module, such as the Help Center, Reports, and Meetings. Dashboards and project workspaces are not included with this filter.

    Note: Content on the site is updated periodically and, if you are searching for something you just added, results might not be available immediately. Try your search again in a few minutes.

    To search your module

    1. In the Top Navigator, click the module you want to search.
    2. In the Search box, type your search criteria. You can use the following operators:
      • And: Finds all the specified words.
      • Or: Finds at least one of the specified words.
      • Not: Excludes the specified word. You cannot start a search with the Not operator.
      • Quotation marks: Finds the exact phrase
    3. Press Enter or click the search icon to perform the search.

      The search results appear.
    4. Click the Search For arrow to apply filter of your choice.

Highlights by Module


How-to Guides impacted by this upgrade will need to be updated. We plan to begin this process next week.

New in Grants 10.0

  • New workflow maps displayed in Funding Proposal, Award, and Award Modification workspaces to align with the rest of the research modules.
    Funding Proposal


    Award Modification
  • New “ID” column has been added in all the choosers (ellipsis icon) for “Organization”.
  • New “Personnel” SmartForm page has been added to Awards and Award Modifications.
  • New “Advance Accounts” and “Award Mod Requests” tabs have been added under the "Awards" tab.
  • New Deliverables Monitoring Report

Upgrades in 10.0

Funding Proposal

  • Create Renewal activity is available to proposal editors and administrative contacts.
  • Field name is required for copied Funding Proposal budgets.
  • Import Proposal Personnel now only imports Senior/Key personnel from Funding Proposals.
  • Funding Proposal editors are now able to delete the Project Narrative/Research Plan.
  • The Funding Proposal “Copy” activity will no longer copy the compliance information, or attachments, including biographical sketches and supporting documents for project personnel.
  • Notifications are sent when Ancillary Reviews are approved as requested


  • Manage Deliverables can be executed by all award editors.
  • Notifications are sent when Ancillary Reviews are approved as requested.


New in Agreements 10.0

  • New “Documents” tab will list all supporting documents, final agreement, and amendments in alphabetical order.
  • New “Completion Instructions” SmartForm page has been added to all Agreement types and their associated Amendments.
  • New “Administrative Change” activity allows the agreement manager/reviewer to upload a new agreement file and supporting documents when the agreement is in Active/Evergreen/Expired states. Upgrades in 10.0

Upgrades in 10.0

  • Contracting Party name is displayed in the Agreements workspace header in place of the supporting documents.
  • Amendment documents will be displayed on the workspace of the amendment.
  • The Agreement Upload “draft” and the Agreement supporting documents are moved to new Amendment Information SmartForm page.
  • Agreement Collaborators are copied from the Amendment to the Parent Agreement when the Amendment is approved.
  • The “Create Amendment” activity is now a one-step process instead of two. Users will be directly navigated to the new Amendment Information SmartForm page.
  • The “Create Amendment” activity no longer copies the Agreement and Supporting documents, or the logged correspondence of the Parent to the Amendment workspace.
  • The Amendment file will not copy up to the Parent Agreement when approved.

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