February 2021 Project Update

RAMP Export Control is fully operational and required to be used for export control requests. This new system was launched last month and it marks the 5th module within the Research Administration Management Portal. RAMP Export Control provides an automated process and enhanced communication tools for the submission, review and management of export control requests. The Export Control module offers the same transparency as the other RAMP modules since users are able to check the status of requests in real-time. It also provides a flexible review process as ancillary reviewers can be added to the workflow to evaluate and comment on particular export control requests, as needed.

RAMP Export Control can be accessed by signing into the myFSU portal, clicking the “RAMP” icon, and then clicking the Export Control tab within the top navigation menu. Users can also access the system through links contained within Outlook email notifications as certain system activities are performed.

Export Control requests, as listed below, are required to originate through RAMP at this time.

  • Biologics Access Controls
  • DD Form 2345 – Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement
  • Shipment (International only)
  • Sponsored Research, Collaborations, and Other Agreements
  • Visa
  • Visitor

There are many resources available, such as How-To Guides by request type, a PI Reference Guide, and a document outlining When RAMP Export Control is Required. Users can also learn how the ancillary review process works by reviewing the Ancillary Review Guide and which system actions trigger email notifications through reviewing the System Workflow and Notifications Guide. The same training resources are also conveniently accessible within the Help Center in RAMP Export Control.

Virtual “Office Hours” are available for user questions and provide direct software assistance using Zoom screen share functionality.

The RAMP Export Control support email serves as the best communication tool to reach the Export Control training team at ramp-exportcontrol@fsu.edu for any questions, concerns or feedback. We are dedicated to helping you successfully navigate RAMP Export Control!

RAMP Grants has entered its seventh month. More than 1180 Funding Proposals have been created!

The Grants module offers system-to-system proposal submission capability that connects with Grants.gov, and it integrates with the RAMP Agreements and RAMP IRB modules, as well as OMNI. The only proposals that are not required to be submitted via RAMP will be those that are not supported by RAMP-Grants. To view the list of proposals documents that cannot be submitted via RAMP, please visit https://ramp.research.fsu.edu/training/ (click on “Unsupported Documents” in the right-hand navigational menu). Training materials, educational videos, and How-to Guides to assist with the RAMP proposal process are also available on that page. If you have any questions, please check with your SRA Grants Officer to determine whether the solicitation is supported in advance via email to RAMP-Grants@fsu.edu.

If you weren’t able to attend RAMP training in the past, it is not too late to learn what you need to know to successfully navigate RAMP Grants. In addition to the materials noted above on the training page, Virtual “Office Hours” are now available upon request. To request training, please contact the RAMP-Grants@fsu.edu mailbox. The training team will be available for direct software assistance using Zoom screen-share functionality so you can work on any issues you may have encountered creating your proposals.

REMINDER: The RAMP Grants support email, RAMP-Grants@fsu.edu, is the quickest way to reach the RAMP Support Team with any questions or concerns. Please continue to provide us with your feedback as we continually work to improve the training options. We are dedicated to supporting your efforts to learn and use this robust new system!

PIs Needed: Help Us Help You!

The RAMP Support Team will be conducting PI Focus Group Meetings to gather information about the RAMP user experience. Due to RAMP customizations being implemented in December and early January, the RAMP Focus Groups have been moved to late February. We are seeking feedback on the value obtained from training (including ease of access and quality of information provided), Help Desk support quality, and system functionality. These groups will be composed of PIs who are willing to share their opinions within an hour of their time to continue to develop and improve RAMP for the research community. If you have submitted a proposal in RAMP as a PI and are willing to provide one hour of your time (via zoom) to participate in a focus group, please email dmullins2@fsu.edu.

Other RAMP Activities

New RAMP Website Design: The RAMP website is under construction and will be completed later this month. We are excited to provide the latest information as well as provide past history and future enhancements.

New Customizations: Currently, the RAMP Modules support teams are identifying new requirements and FSU customizations to the RAMP system that will enhance the users’ experience and provide better functionalities in some of the Modules. These customizations will be completed this month and information will be available on the Significant Changes webpage at RAMP Grants.

RAMP System Upgrade: Coming in late Spring 2021, RAMP will be upgrading to the newest Huron Suite Platform that will bring some exciting new features for users as well as the administrative support teams. Information updates will be posted on the RAMP project website as well as included in the monthly Research Newsletter.

Sponsored Guest Access

Sponsored Guest Access is now available in RAMP. Occasionally, there is the need for someone outside FSU to have limited access to RAMP. This occurs most often when FSU is acting as a single IRB (but could occur in other cases). Rather than going through the longer onboarding process that is required and appropriate for individuals who will have an ongoing relationship with FSU, individuals can be provided with limited access to the system. For more information, please visit https://ramp.research.fsu.edu/sponsored-guest/

All requests for a Sponsored Guest must be submitted to the RAMP-Grants@fsu.edu mailbox with the subject: Sponsored Guest Access Request.

The request should contain the following:

  1. Guest’s name and Guest’s external email address of fewer than 30 characters (will be used as FSUID)
  2. FSU Requestor’s name, department and title. (If this individual is not submitting request, they should be cc’d on request.).
  3. The request should also include a very brief description as to the need for the access (i.e., to access IRB protocol when FSU acting as IRB, etc.)
  4. The approval of the Associate Dean, Department Chair or designee. (This can be submitted as an attached email approval or they can be cc’d on the email and respond with an “I approve.” The request will not be processed without this approval.)

Once the request has been received, the RAMP Support Director will create the Sponsored Guest Access request in OMNI. The Guest will then receive an email with a link to provide the required information: NAME, HOME ADDRESS COUNTRY, EMAIL ADDRESS CONFIRMATION, DATE OF BIRTH, GENDER and PASSWORD CREATION.

Upon receipt of information from the Guest, the RAMP Support Director will create the account in RAMP and notify the Guest and Requestor that the access is now active.

This process can typically occur within 1-3 days but is dependent upon the Guest providing their information in a timely manner. It is recommended, when possible, to request access approximately two weeks prior to need.

For questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For questions regarding Export Controls, please contact:
Diana Key, Director of Research Compliance and RAMP Export Control functional lead, at dkey@fsu.edu

All other questions regarding RAMP Support should be directed to:
Dan Mullins, RAMP Support Director, at dmullins2@fsu.edu
Kerry Peluso, Associate Vice President for Research Administration & Finance, at kpeluso@fsu.edu